The Dexorange Syrup is an oral supplement comprising of vitamins and minerals that is useful in treating anemia caused due to loss of blood.



Dexorange is a combination of vitamins and iron supplements. 1 tablespoon of Dexorange Syrup contains following medicines along with respective composition:

* Cyanocobalamin – 7.5 micrograms
* Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) – 0.5 milligrams
* Ferric Ammonium Citrate – 160 milligrams
* Alcohol (95% IP) – 0.87 milliliters

Oral iron is used to cure anemia and ferrous ammonium citrate has more bio-availability due to which it is the most preferred form of iron. At the same time, folic acid and cycnocobalamin are B vitamins that allow the body in making red blood cells to carry oxygen. If there is a loss in the number of red blood cells, less oxygen gets to various parts of the body that makes one feel tired.


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