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COVID-19 and Dental Health

By now, you’re probably tired of reading about COVID-19 (or novel coronavirus). It has saturated every news outlet, every post in your newsfeed and every dinner conversation; but even so, you still have questions.  As our country starts taking greater steps to quarantine and self-isolate during this time to try to minimize the spread of the […]
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How Sugar Causes Cavities and Destroys Your Teeth

It’s common knowledge that sugar is bad for your teeth, but it wasn’t always so. In fact, when the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle first observed that sweet foods like soft figs caused tooth decay, nobody believed him. But as science has progressed, one thing is certain — sugar causes tooth decay. That said, sugar on its […]
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Your First Week of Braces: Getting Adjusted

The first week or two of wearing braces is usually the most uncomfortable and requires the most adjustment of any other time of wearing braces. You are likely to feel a little bit sore, but the soreness does patch and eventually you may even forget that you are wearing braces. Once you’ve gotten past the first week […]
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