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Delivering Improved Outcomes for All

Potters Hollow Group Company Ltd is an integrated healthcare and pharmaceutical company, aiming at becoming the leading healthcare provider across the Globe, with particular interest in Ghana. Our existence is founded on delivering improved health outcomes for all.

We are poised to become a household name in the provision of quality healthcare and pharmaceutical retail. Our healthcare services encompass the following; Potters Hollow Pharmacy, Potters Hollow Laboratory and Potters Hollow Specialized Clinics.

All our healthcare portfolios are strategically poised to provide tailor-made solutions to all our customers because, we understand the specificity of individual uniqueness. Our aim is to partner Giant global pharmaceutical chains to facilitate our strategic objectives in the provision of quality and affordable healthcare for all.


provides a wide variety of quality and affordable pharmaceutical products.


services include all analytic and diagnostic tests and  specialized scans amongst many others.


provides world class specialized clinics with comprehensive management and treatment of cases.


Our mission is to provide world-class healthcare delivery services affordable by all standards and needed by people to live healthy lives. We will do this by providing an open-door policy, point of care testing, door to door and mobile services to a wider audience.


To be among the top 10 centres in West Africa that provides affordable care to the wider clientele who for no faults of theirs, could not afford basic medical care.

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Our Core Values

Potters Hollow Company Ltd is made up of amazing individuals who are achieving greatness through teamwork. We deliver outstanding results through the establishment of a culture of exceptional execution and rewards those who create great outcomes. Our clients, staff and the community we operate are our values.

Ambassadors –

We pride in solving problems. We love our staff and clients and we genuinely love helping one another to succeed.

Continuously improve –

We view business from a “Glass Half Empty” view by continuously focusing on how to operate more effectively.

Client first –

Potters Hollow Company Ltd exists to improve the lives of all. Our decisions are made measuring every outcome based on how effective it serves our client.

Professionalism –

We uphold the highest quality and work ethics through our relationship with self, patients and others as we reflect the values of the company and the health service systems.

Make a difference every day-

We constantly push ourselves to be our best by focusing on solutions and getting inspired each day by the impact we make through our talents, passion and hard work.

Integrity –

We are transparent, honest and committed to doing what’s best for humanity and our company. We collaborate openly, in pursuit of the truth no matter who is affects We have zero tolerance for tribal, racial, political and socioeconomic issues.

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